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Honor A Veteran

The Great Bend Airfest is dedicated to not only showcasing the history, wonder, and beauty of amazing warbirds, but it's a time to truly say Thank You to All who Serve our country! To each Veteran: Thank You for your Dedication & Service

If you would like to honor your special veteran here on our website and on a banner at the 2024 Airfest, the fees go to help pay for the Airfest expenses, please fill out this form and return.

2024 Honored Veterans

Carl Brandt – Army

Ryan Coulson – Army

Irv Gotsche – Air Force

Ray Demel – Army

Forrest D. Hoeme – Army

Jason Skinner – Marines

Sidney Rusco – Army Air Force

Ralph E. Michael – Army

Louis Degenhardt -  Army

Larry Degenhardt – Navy

Mike Anthony - Army

Arthur E. Hager - Air Force

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