Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you figure out your way at our event...

Do I need tickets? What tickets are available?

General Admission for the event is $10/person at the gate.  Children ages 12 and under are admitted free.  A 3-day pass is also available for $25.  Wristbands will be issued to all persons entering the gate. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

Several performers or static display aircraft may charge additional funds for aircraft tours or merchandise.  They will also accept cash or credit cards.

Are there seating options?

All seating at the Airfest is provided free of charge.  Chairs and bleachers will be located at the airshow viewing line.

Seating in the main hangar is available, and will also be used for the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, and the Hangar Dance on Saturday.


The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Backpacks or other large bags

  • Coolers

  • Alcohol

  • Cans

  • Glass containers

  • Pets

  • Weapons

  • Illegal drugs

  • Flammable liquids and explosive materials

  • Laser pointers

  • Bicycles

  • Roller blades or skates

  • Scooters

  • Skateboards

  • Outside food or beverages

  • Canopies, tents, or large umbrellas

  • Drones

What am I allowed to bring?

The following items are allowed:

  • Strollers or wagons

  • Wheelchairs and motorized scooters (Note: There is no place to plug in and recharge)

  • Small coolers for medical purposes or baby items

  • Small, personal umbrellas.

  • Cameras

  • Small bags, such as a purse or diaper bag

  • Folding or camping chairs

  • Blanket to sit on\



When do the gates open each day?

Friday, Sept. 28:  Gates Open 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 29:  Gates open 8:00 a.m. to midnight.

Sunday, Sept. 30:  Gates open 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 


Where can I find a show schedule?

We list our performers, but cannot give specific times at which the acts will fly in each show. Schedules are finalized much closer to the show and depend on availability and various other conditions. All acts are subject to change/cancellation without notice. You can find a general schedule of the entire day on our schedule page.


Are the 4 airshows the same all 3 days?

The air shows are expected to be the same all three days. There may be some variations depending on special aircraft, which may make only a one-day-fly-by appearance. Schedules and acts are subject to change without notice. Aircraft appearing are subject to change due to many reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to, maintenance, weather, or other circumstances.



Where is the air show?

Great Bend Municipal Airport

9047 – 6th Street

Great Bend, KS 67530


Are children free?

Children 12 and under are free.  All others are $10.


Can I bring my pet?

Pets are NOT allowed onto the air show area and should NOT be left in vehicles. Because of the festival setting with food and beverage vendors, the Health Department prohibits animals, other than legally allowed service animals. Please also understand that temperatures on the tarmac area can easily reach over 100 degrees and will burn your pets feet. The loud noises of the planes and pyrotechnics can injure their sensitive hearing and/or frighten your animal. Please leave your pet(s) at home where they are safe.

Is parking free? What about handicapped parking?

General parking, including handicapped parking, is free. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis. If you need handicapped parking, please have your state-issued tag or placard in the car to be sure the parking attendants direct you to the appropriate areas. Please arrive early to ensure a parking spot.

Air shows are large events, so please be aware that traffic may be heavy getting in and out from the show parking areas.  Airshow parking has been expanded onsite.

Please follow signs and volunteers as you enter the air show. Traffic may be routed certain ways to accommodate the large volume of air show visitors and/or due to road closures.

Parking will be monitored by law enforcement agencies.


Is there a Park and Ride option for the event?

A park & ride option is available on Saturday only, courtesy of Sunflower Diversified Services. A continuous shuttle service will be running from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to and from these 2 locations:

            Fuller Brush employee parking log

            Heartland Church parking lot(behind Playa Azul)

What if it rains?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, regardless of weather unless the gates do not open as scheduled. The show is rain or shine, and performers can adjust their flying to various weather conditions.



Will there be shade?

Air shows are held under an open sky. Please bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You may also bring a small personal umbrella. No large umbrellas, tents, or canopies allowed.

Can I fly in?

Fly-ins are welcome, but must adhere to NOTAMS, TFR’s and airfield closures, with limited windows for arrival and departure.  You will be directed to parking by special event marshalling vehicles. Fly-ins will be parked at a good distance from the airshow crowd and performers, and shuttle/golf cart transportation can assist.